Bad Samaritan

First Hit: Although the title was a turn-off, this film is suspenseful and reasonably well done.

I had a lot of reluctance going to see this because the title sounded as if it would be a poorly made film.

I’m glad I went because it was much better than the title. The title reflects how poorly Sean Falco (Robert Sheehan) reacted to finding Katie (Kerry Gordon) masochistically bound to a chair in the house he was robbing. As a samaritan helping his fellow man, he failed by not freeing her nor did he do enough to bring in others to help her obtain her freedom.

Katie was being held in a home owned by a very rich Cale Erendreich (David Tennant). Cale, it seems, had some childhood crush on an older horse trainer and when she spurned him, he killed her horse. Cale was and is into control of people and the things around him.

You can tell early on, he’s done this to a woman before and in one scene we see the tools he probably uses to dismember his victims when they don’t act the way he wants them to.

Sean isn’t a horrible young man, but he’s taken to petty theft with Derek Sandoval (Carlito Olivero) to keep his photography dreams alive. He and Derek run a car valet business in front of Nino’s restaurant. With certain rich folks, they take that person’s car to the owner’s home use the keys to open the home and steal what they can. Bringing the car back in-time for the owners to use when they leave the restaurant.

This is how Sean runs across Katie, searching a home to steal something.

Sean also has a girlfriend Helen Leyton (Lisa Brenner) who has been fooled by Sean and ultimately, he ends up owning this and his behaviors to Helen.

The film being shot in Portland was fun, as Portland is a city I like visiting. The story is not necessarily new; however I liked the way it was told because Sean’s character of really being a good guy does come through.

Sheehan was very good as Sean. I thought his facial expressions and expressions of fear and determination really worked and made the character one I could believe. Tennant was excellent as the psychotically pushed person. His behaviors were right in line with an excessive control freak. I liked the moment when Sean tricks him to look at a phone and Sean takes a picture. Brenner was sweet as Sean’s girlfriend. Olivero was strong as Sean’s sidekick and fellow petty theft buddy. Condon was excellent as the captured bounded woman of Cale’s attention. I loved the end when she says, “it’s not enough.” Brandon Boyce wrote a strong screenplay which was effectively directed by Dean Devlin.

Overall: Film is sufficiently creepy and scary to keep your attention through to the end.