My Best Friend

First Hit: Pleasant with some interesting truths thrown in. However it never got to the core.

Daniel Auteuil and Danny Boon look like they could have been best friends that was a good strong point in the film.

There was a friendship chemistry there. This is a light film and it is a serious topic.

There were laughs but not quite enough. There were serious discussions but not deep enough. It was nicely shot and nothing stood out as being really good.

I would have liked to know more how his business partner (Julie Gayet) and him met. If Francois is such a louse how did she hook up with him and own 50% of the business. Why did all those people show up for the first dinner where the bet took place.

There were a number of loose ends hanging around the film. However the biggest loose end was his daughter. Where did she fit in to all this and how did she get so jaded on him.

These were the things that were missing to make it a more serious film. Oh it was supposed to be a comedy? Then I would have wanted more laughs with the truth being the point.

Overall: It just didn’t take a chance in any one direction and ended up lying there like an omelet needing something else on the plate to make it breakfast.