First Hit:  Extraordinary film about an amazing, heartfelt adventure of perseverance, courage, and fortitude.

Conrad Aker, Jimmy Chin and Renan Ozturk share their amazing story of how they came together to tackle, twice, the famed shark finned peak called Meru in North India.

The film effectively documents, each of their separate paths to work through their fears while challenging their physical abilities to tackle the steep ice covered path they created leading to the final shear smooth granite face, edge to the summit.

You will be entranced when you see the avalanche that challenges Chin, or the fall that tests Renan’s ability to rehab back into shape. Their friendship and trust permeates this film just as their trek will transfix you.

The photography, mostly by Chin, is absolutely superlative. Knowing that he and Ozturk filmed this adventure while attempting to complete a climb that has never been done before is truly outer worldly.

Chin and Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi did an astonishing job of directing and editing this historical footage.

Overall:  What a story.