The Proposal

First Hit: Light fluff, cute at times, silly at other times, but after digesting it there wasn't anything worth seeing.

Sandra Bullock plays Margaret a hard driving Manhattan book editor.

The counter point is Ryan Reynolds playing Drew an Alaska native in New York working as Margret’s assistant. Margaret plays a no nonsense editor who doesn’t care who she hurts or how she is perceived by her co-workers.

The first scene showing this aggressive behavior is of her ruthless firing of another editor. Drew kowtows to his boss in every way just so he can have a chance at moving up in the firm.

The setup: Margaret is from Canada and her Visa is being revoked, she on the spur of the moment tells her manager that she is getting married to Drew. It is at this moment in the film where Reynolds does some of his best acting. His eyes tell the tale and his dialogue is well done. To seal the deal, Drew tells Margaret he’ll marry her if she gives him a promotion to assistant editor right away. She agrees and then they fly off to meet Drew’s family.

There are some odd and funny moments along with a ridiculous one where an eagle steals the family puppy and Margaret throws her cell phone at the eagle. Funny thing about the dialogue is that no one brings up the obvious disparity in this proposed marriage; the age difference. Not that it is a bad thing, but by brushing it under the rug and not making it part of the film; we are led to believe that there is no age difference. Bullock looks and is clearly much older than Reynolds. 

Lastly, as you all might expect, they kiss and magic happens and so the characters figure out how to make their relationship work.

Bullock plays her standard sort of character, semi tough but soft and funny. In this film she is suppose to have a harder edge and she carries this shift adequately. Reynolds is a better fit in this film and is a bit more believable. If you like Betty White she does her standard; direct poignant remarks for laughs role, this time playing Reynolds grandmother.

Overall: Really not much of a film, even for fluff therefore I would’t recommend it to anyone.