The Bucket List

First Hit: There was little realism in the story to support the contention of the men having only 6 to 12 months to live, especially in their post hospitalization release; however the lessons shared and how laughter can make things better were, at times, spot on.

Jack Nicholson as Edward Cole and Morgan Freeman as Carter Chambers are two older men who find themselves as roommates in one of Edward’s hospitals.

Carter is the kind, more centered person and Ed is the hard driving self centered person. Did they type cast this movie or what. This difference in personalities becomes their greatest gift to each other when they both discover they have 6 months to a year to live. Together they make a “Bucket List” of things to do before they die.

Using background shots (Don’t think they even left LA), their adventures took them to various locations around the world including Africa, India, Egypt, and China.

After completing most of the items on the list, Carter decides he must get home to see and connect with his wife and family. Ed on the other hand returns to his big empty modern home and goes through a crying fit in front of two younger women.

Carter dies and at his service, Ed gives a wonderful eulogy which shows how he was touched by the experience and then reads a letter left to him from Carter.

The letter asks him to do one more thing.

Overall: The film made little attempt to embrace realism; however there is enough material with these two great actors to keep your attention, make you laugh, and give pause to one’s own bucket list.