Take this Waltz

First Hit:  Somewhat disquieting characters lacking direct communication where communication requirements reign.

We are introduced to Margo (played by Michelle Williams) in her fear of being in-between things. She is struggling being in an airport and then on a plane – she is nowhere, she is in-between places.

Meeting Daniel (played by Luke Kirby) on the plane it is obvious there is a connection, they flirt, they land and Margo goes home to her husband Lou (played by Seth Rogen) who is a cookbook writer working on a book about cooking chicken.

Their relationship is safe for her but there are moments where you sense/feel their tension. The film is obvious in tension points between the couple and also because Daniel happens to live across the street from Margo and Lou.

This film is about being tugged by a longing of something within. Lou is completely focused on his cooking and they have parties to share what he is experimenting with. Margo is missing something within her relationship with Lou but loves the illusion of safety he brings with the life they have together.

Daniel is in love and wants to be with Margo but knows it will have to be on Margo’s terms. How do the actors portray this triangle story? For the most part, very well. Margo is the most complex character in the film as well as being the main character.

The standardization of the two men by having a safe man (Lou) and a more dangerous man (Daniel) be the points by which Margo is determining her course were well done. In the end the film, either with purpose or not, tries to keep the audience choosing whether Margo should stay with Lou or go to Daniel.

Williams does an outstanding job of creating questions in the male characters, the audience and herself. Kirby is solid as the interested third wheel. Rogen is OK as Williams husband, cook and solid home base. Sarah Silverman (playing Geraldine) does a very good job as an alcoholic relative. Sarah Polley wrote and directed this film. I was left with the sense that she didn’t know her main character nor did she want to which isn’t a bad thing.

Overall:  This film was interesting and uninteresting at the same time.