27 Dresses

First Hit: If you watch the first 20 minutes, then watch the last 20 minutes you will realize that this film went from mediocre to bad.

This film starts at an OK and at an amusing pace with Katherine Heigl (as Jane) running between two differently themed weddings in one night.

Because Jane is a bridesmaid in each of these two weddings, she must change dresses in a taxi while she flits between the weddings. After this segment, we drop into her working world as an assistant to Edward Burns as her boss of an outdoor sporting company whom she loves and admires.

Now we have the set up, she loves weddings and she is hopelessly in love with her boss and cannot tell him. Her sister, Tess, comes for a visit and snags Burns quickly by flirting shamelessly and lying about her lifestyle. This slowly pisses Jane off but the last straw is when her sister creates Jane’s dream wedding for herself.

Jane eventually exposes her sister as a fraud to fiancé, family and friends, then tells her boss of her love for him and then discovers she loves someone else.

Overall: I know this film was billed as a comedy, but it is hard to do comedy when the main character must be hurt, sad and crestfallen all the time. This film has few comedic moments and was poorly conceived, crafted, and executed.