The Peanuts Movie - 3D

First Hit:  Uninspired and the saving grace is Snoopy and the scenes of his saving Fifi and fighting the Red Baron.

I’m not sure if it is my age or if this story is simply uninspired. Gaging by the young children around me in the theater, and the lack of excited engaged noise from them, I may not have been the only one who found this unimaginative.

The fun and amusing parts were Snoopy and his bird buddies because their scenes became the only laugh-out-loud segments. Yes the moral of Charlie Brown’s story was to speak up and talk to the Red Haired girl, but this story has been told before and lacked engagement.

Bryan Schulz wrote this script from Charles Schulz’ comic strips. Steve Martino directed this somewhat tired story which we know all too well.

Overall:  This felt like a upgraded retread of the same old story.