The Armstrong Lie

First Hit:  The longer I sat there, the more flabbergasted I became at the total arrogance and lack of forthcoming honesty by Armstrong.

It isn’t often that I want someone to suffer for their arrogance, Lance Armstrong is someone that I hope, loses every penny he made from cycling. I mean every penny.

He worked hard at fooling his friends, family and us, the public. I would find it difficult to ever believe anything that comes out of his mouth. His responses are always calculated, measured and for his best interest. He is a serial liar.

This film uses his comeback ride (2009) in the Tour as a basis for viewing his past history of doping and the impact he had on doping and cycling. I really feel for the teammates he hurt and chastised.

Alex Gibney wrote and directed this film and for him it was a way to exercise some anger and sadness towards Lance.

Overall:  This is a hard film to watch because it shows how many bike riding athletes will cheat and will lie about their performance. Most all of the Tour podium standers in the 2000’s got there by cheating.