Gone Baby Gone

First Hit: This film is very well done. From story to the direction to the acting it was elegantly executed.

Ben Affleck has found a place to stride his talent.

His directing in this film is tense and taut which kept me fully engaged throughout. There are more than 2 possible endings in this film and none of them were telegraphed but slightly hinted at as the film progressed.

The film holds together very well and really holds true to the Boston roots from which it came. The neighborhood where this film begins is aptly represented and treated with honest reverence by showing the the people who are born and die there and the accents true to the area.

Casey Affleck has his first major starring role and he doesn’t disappoint. He is fully believable as the private detective who is hired to find the little girl by using his lifelong connections with the neighborhood to make this happen.

Overall, the other actors including Amy Ryan as the mother, Ed Harris as a lead detective and Morgan Freeman as the police chief are very strong and help to develop this story to its final conclusion.

The story is about a little girl that is kidnapped and the lies that surround it. Most of the characters use their mistruths to point the unfolding drama in a particular light and direction.

Casey’s job is to discover the truth and take action that is in accordance with his truth of how things need to be resolved. That his girlfriend is in concert and in conflict with him accurately develops their relationship and path together.

Overall: This is a very well done film and one of the best overall executed films of the year.