First Hit: Thank you. Despite turns towards the dramatics, Michael does us a favor. Everyone needs to see this and we need to change our healthcare system.

Despite the flair for the dramatics, this film brings up an important subject – health care in the United States.

It is shameful that even one of the families shown in the film goes through what they went through. The parents who moved in with the daughter was very really sad on two levels.

One that the health care system let them down while pushing them into bankruptcy, and two that the daughter was minimally supportive and didn’t even clean out the room where the parents were going to stay.

I cried off and on throughout this film, although the scenes about Cuba and Guantanamo Bay didn’t hit me like I think Michael wanted them to. It just seemed a little over done and dramatized.

However, the truth is this; the health care system in this country is in very bad shape and Michael opens the door for us to see how and why.

Overall, this is a must see and we need to begin to hold our government accountable. I want the same health care coverage that our congress men and women get. Don't we deserve it?