Son of Rambow

First Hit: The film had potential but failed in most ways.

This was a poorly constructed film which, with some additional thought, might have been fun and interesting.

The story is about two kids, Will (Bill Milner) who is being raised by a mother who is part of a religious group called “The Brethren”, while Lee (Will Poulter) is being raised by his older brother, meet in the school hallway and end up deciding to make a film call “Son of Rambow”.

The kids are very different in that Lee is somewhat of a bully, loner and doesn’t get along with anyone while Will is very creative, thoughtful and wants to break loose from the hold and beliefs of The Brethren.

The scenes of them making scenes of the film are cute but the addition of the exchange students from France and one of their characters doesn’t add a whole lot to the plot.

The boys have an obligatory falling out but the reconciliation and end of the film is very well done and made sitting through the film worthwhile.

Will Poulter gave a strong performance and could be someone we hear from again in the future.

Overall: Might be a reasonable DVD film for grade school children to see some rainy afternoon.