Leaning Into the Wind: Andrew Goldsworthy

First Hit: If you liked River and Tides, you’ll love Leaning....

I first heard of Andrew Goldsworthy when I happened to see Rivers and Tides in 2001. I was blown away by how this artist sees, feels, and engages with nature.

In this film, we’ve seen the growth he’s had to where the difference between him and nature is blurred even more. Scenes where he revisits old haunts and even a creek where an old Maple has fallen turns into an adventure in visual sensory amazement.

An added delight is the addition of his daughter Holly who is now working with him on these pieces of art.

The film takes us to various places around the world where he explores how nature creates itself and how amazing it is. As a lay person, I see what he’s seeing but as he shares his visual and inner reflections, the audience sees a far greater beauty than was seen before the narration.

His stone work is amazing and as we visit his inspirations and then his art based on the inspiration they meld into one amazing picture.

Being fortunate enough to live in, and now near, San Francisco, I’m able to see some of his work in the Presidio and Golden Gate Park. The logs and tree spire are things of beauty, but I’m always taken aback and follow the cracked rock outside the DeYoung Museum.

The ending scene is perfect, and as a boy and grown up, I recount my time of leaning into the wind.

Goldsworthy is delightful and venerable in his narration and discussions during the film. Thomas Riedelsheimer must have an excellent collaborative relationship with Andrew to get this close and to give us this experience.

Overall: If you want a visual spiritual experience see this film.