Ted 2

First Hit:  Some very funny laugh out-loud moments along with crude and sophomoric scenes.

This film was much like the first with John (Mark Wahlberg) and Ted (voice by Seth MacFarlane) being best friends, doing drugs (mostly pot), and acting like they are frat brothers.

However, Ted decides that he’s in love and marries Tami-Lynn (Jessica Barth). Donny (Giovanni Ribisi) still has a grudge (from the first film) that Ted belongs to John. He decides to hatch a plan to have Ted declared “property” and not a human. The case goes to court.

Along the way, we have lots of cameos including Jay Leno, Liam Neeson, Michael Dorn and Sam Jones in roles that personified characters they’ve played. The crude language was more than required to make it funny but there are lots of humorous situations.

Wahlberg was OK at John but I actually like him better in more serious roles. Barth is perfect as Ted’s wife and made her role work. Ribisi is always great in his slightly perverted role. Amanda Seyfried as Samantha, Teds lawyer, was a great counterpoint. Morgan Freeman playing a civil right attorney Patrick Meighan was a typical role for him and even Ted made fun of his perfect voice. Seth MacFarlane and Alec Sulkin wrote the script, which, for the most part worked. MacFarlane also directed the film.

Overall:  It was funny but film becomes forgettable by the next day.