First Hit: This story is almost unwatchable and you know the end before 10 minutes has gone by.

Matt Dillon plays Mike the self appointed ring leader of a group of armored truck security guards. Some of the crew are Jean Reno playing "Quinn" and Laurence Fishburne playing "Baines".

Mike is the godfather to Ty (played by Columbus Short) who has just joined the crew. He has a younger brother named Jimmy (played by Andre Kinney) and they are struggling.

Ty is a Iraq Vet who is viewed as a hero but he doesn't see it that way, their parents have recently died, and the house they are living in is about to be taken back by the bank. Mike primes Ty with stories about a successful armored truck robbery and then springs on him that he and the crew are about to rob one of their trucks. Ty reluctantly goes along with the promise from Mike, “no one gets hurt”.

Well we know what happens and Ty has to make a choice.

Dillion isn’t old enough looking in the film to be Ty’s godfather. Reno and Fishburne play heavys which they can easily do and appear to be doing this film for the paychecks. The plot is well worn and the ending telegraphed.

Overall: Definitely don’t spend money to watch this film as there is really nothing to watch.