The Gatekeepers

First Hit:  A very interesting film about a subject that has a lot of passion, subtleties, world impact.

The story about how one of the heads of Shin Bet (Israeli secret security agency) was speaking with a Palestinian counterpart in a meeting in London and the Palestinian says to him, “we’ve won”.

The Israeli says, no you haven’t, we are in your territory, we win every battle we have with you, and how can you state that you’ve won? The Palestinian says; because you suffer with each action we take and you take.

I know I’m paraphrasing, and the point to the Israeli was that the Palestinians have succeeded in creating suffering for the Israelis. It means they are controlling their feelings by their actions.

This film interviews 6 former leaders of Shin Bet and although some are more hawkish than others; however in the end you can see that the path these two governments are taking isn’t working. There is a doom with the current path these two peoples are taking. There is a certain amount of righteousness by some of the interviewed Israelis but I actually left the theater thinking they really want peace.

One of the other aspects that was interesting was how they also have to monitor Israeli terrorist radicals who tend to be very conservative and right wing.

Dror Moreh directed this film and I enjoyed seeing actual flashbacks to historical events including Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton attempting to create meetings about peace.

Overall:  It was a very interesting film and gave some insight to the thinking of the Israeli government.