National Treasure: Book of Secrets

First Hit: Although the film was fairly well paced, the content was weak and the story line predictable.

Being the second in this series (Yes, the third is already looming – think “Page 47” of the Book of Secrets); I knew what to expect from this film.

Nicolas Cage, as Ben Gates, is a treasure hunter and defender of honor who is on a mission to uncover the mystery of 18 missing pages from the assassin John Wilkes Booth’s diary to save the reputation of his father. In doing so he uncovers more including the possibility that there is a city of gold hidden in the United States.

He also learns there is a Book of Secrets which is passed on to each President by the previous President. To get to the bottom of everything, Cage (as Ben Gates) decides he must kidnap the President to coax him into letting him look at the Book of Secrets.

Because of the kidnapping Gates is being chased by the government. Ed Harris, as Mitch Wilkinson, is also chasing Gates because he believes that Gates knows where the golden city is hidden. Gates, by piecing together information from wooden planks hidden in desks and from the Book of Secrets, knows exactly where to find the city of gold. Sound confusing? 

I think so and it was made this way to create a thrilling story.

To this end, the story line is neither thrilling or interesting but the plot does keep the film moving along with a usual Hollywood ending.

Overall: This is a video film because there isn’t much gained by seeing it on the big screen, it just isn’t big enough.