First Hit:  An interesting, well executed, thoughtful, coming of age film.

As a coming of age film, this was very good. It worked because the characters are fun, interesting and unique.

As a geek Malcom (Shameik Moore) hangs out with two other geeks Jib (Tony Revolori) and Diggy (Kiersey Clemons). Together they have a band and play music as an escape from "The Bottoms", a harsh, tough and hard hitting neighborhood in Inglewood, CA where they live.

To navigate their senior year, they try to keep a low profile while applying to college. However, trying to not get harassed by the local drug dealers and thugs,  Malcom gets involved with a particular drug dealer and a young lady. This involvement creates and unforeseen and unfortunate circumstance requiring he use his intelligence and wit to sell someone else's drugs through the internet. How does this help? It might get him into Harvard.

Moore is amazing in this role. His command of the story is wonderful. Revolori is strong as his friend and bass player. He's funny and supportive. Clemons is fantastic as his lesbian drummer and dear friend. Rick Famuyiwa wrote and directed this excellent film.

Overall:  This was an excellent film in that it delivered the story with joy, heartache, and style.