Fantastic Mr. Fox

First Hit: I didn't get the point of this film and ended up being bored after a half-hour. A few funny quips does not a film make.

George Clooney is the voice of Mr. Fox who, with his wife Mrs. Fox (voiced by Meryl Streep), get dangerously close to getting caught as they raid a hen house. He promises to never do this again and gets a straight job as a reporter to a paper no one reads. He gets antsy, moves his family from a fox burrow and into a tree. 

The tree is near three farmers who make goods Mr. Fox likes to eat. He wants to be a real fox again by going out and raiding things. So he lies to Mrs. Fox telling her he's going to meetings and sets out to raid the three most feared farms near his property. 

The farmers get angry and come after him. He gets shot at and loses his tail. He has to tell Mrs. Fox he lied. Their son is jealous of a cousin who can do most anything he does better. But in the end the family goes out and gets his tail back.

I couldn't figure out what I suppose to care about. The dialog was quipish and rather dull although the animation was somewhat interesting. It was done in an old fashion stop motion way using props and physically adjusted movement.

I kept wondering through the whole film, what am I to care about. A good film subtly entices the audience to care about someone or a cause. There is nothing here to care about. 

Clooney is perfect at reading Mr. Fox's quippish lines which are punctuated by a whistle and a couple of mouth generated clicks. However, these lines and noises might be better served in an Ocean’s 11 film. Wes Anderson spent a fair amount of money on something that has little interesting value.

Overall: Don't bother even if you're bored on a Sunday afternoon and it's a $2.00 video rental.