The Cold Light of Day

First Hit:  Poorly constructed story with mostly pitiful acting.

Will (played by Henry Cavill) is meeting his family for a sailing trip on the Mediterranean.

His parents Martin (played by Bruce Willis) and Laurie (played by Caroline Goodall) have rented a boat for themselves and their sons Will and Josh (played by Rafi Gavron) and Josh’s girlfriend Dara (Emma Hamilton).

The boys view their dad as a difficult man, especially as a culture coordinator for an embassy. In a fit of anger Will dives off the boat and heads to town. Upon his return, the boat is gone and he soon discovers that the police are not really interested in helping him.

With his mom, brother and Dara kidnapped, Martin decides to let Will know that he is really CIA and there are enemies after him for a briefcase he stole a few weeks earlier. Martin’s boss Carrak (played by Sigourney Weaver) is a bit twisted and seems to be on the wrong side of equation. Will soon dies and the story becomes about how his oldest son will save the day.

The script does not create any real excitement nor does much of the acting, which seems pressed at best.

Cavill is about as lackluster as can be and this is a huge red flag in anticipation for his role as the man of steel next year. Willis, as he can and does often, steal scenes he is in and when he dies, the film dies with him. Gavron and Hamilton have minor and uninteresting roles. Goodall does her best as the concerned wife and mother, but there is nothing worth showing up for. Weaver is absolutely bad as the twisted CIA boss and she needs to quit taking parts like this. Scott Wiper and John Petro wrote an ill-conceived script which was poorly executed by director Mabrouk El Mechri.

Overall: A complete waste of time and so poorly acted by Cavill, worries will crop up about his Clark Kent role in the upcoming Man of Steel.