Steve Jobs: The Man in the Machine

First Hit:  A very interesting and accurate view of Steve and his relationship to the people at Apple and his life.

I had a working relationship with an employee who worked very closely with Jobs in the late 1990’s. A few of the stories he told about both Steve’s brilliance and tyrannical behavior were reflected in this film.

What I liked most about this film is the way the makers weaved a way to show both. What I was disappointed about was there wasn’t much about his relationship with Steve Wozniak and his early on main rival,

Bill Gates. However, the dramas that were only briefly referred to including; the 5 other CEOs like John Scully whom Jobs thought almost ruined Apple, were mildly sufficient. The famous product reveals were covered well and was his struggle with owning his paternity of his first daughter Lisa.

Many of the interviews were revealing and when one person, who was a lead engineer on one of  Jobs' projects, lost his wife and family to the effort he gave jobs, I could really feel his pain - so did he.

Alex Gibney did a very good job of piecing together archival footage and recent interviews with friends, others, and family.

Overall:  This was a very interesting film about a driven man.