First Hit:  Poorly acted, mindlessly conceived, torturous, and a waste of time.

As a take off on a better acted “Love Crime” with Kristin Scott Thomas and Ludivine Sagnier, there are many films about protégés and assistants transforming into their bosses and then turning the tides on them. What would make this one different?

Here Christine (Rachel McAdams) as a high level executive just didn’t work. She wasn’t believable in her role in any way shape for form. The way she talked about budgets and demanding certain work be done in a short period time was more of a laugh than anything else. There is no way her threat to do their work for them was believable.

The conflict in the story is that she takes credit for Isabelle’s (Noomi Rapace) work and then humiliates her in front of the whole staff. The extra wrinkle in this film is that Isabelle’s assistant Dani (played by Karoline Herfurth) is in love with Isabelle and does what she can to help her get through the problems and eventual murder of Christine.

The story adds a male wrinkle by having Dirk (Paul Anderson), who works for Isabelle as well, being blackmailed by Isabelle for stealing money from the company. Her payment is his availability to her for sexual reasons.

This film becomes more torturous because there is a supposed twin of Isabelle’s, who is dead, non-existent or out to seek revenge.

McAdams was totally unbelievable as a senior executive; however she was great as someone who can work an audience. Rapace did what she can in her role but I’m not sure it was one that fit her. Herfurth was the best of the bunch and felt her engaged in this role. Anderson was simply drama and not interesting in this role. Brian De Palma and Natalie Carter wrote the script. I couldn’t tell whether it was a poor script or bad acting or directing that made this film almost unwatchable. De Palma directed this film and needless to say it was no “Scarface” or “Carrie”.

Overall:  Almost unwatchable and wouldn’t suggest anyone trying.