Righteous Kill

First Hit: What a waste of talent.

In the last few years, Al Pacino and Robert De Niro have made some very poor choices in films they’ve chosen to make.

Is it that no one is offering them good scripts? Do they charge too much? I don’t know; but is sad is to see these storied actors, yet again, take on mediocre roles in this very mediocre film.

The plot is simple; there is a serial killer on the loose and these police officers Turk (played by De Niro) and Rooster (played by Pacino) are assigned to find the killer. As the film unfolds, the audience sees testimony on a grainy video tape giving you the illusion that Turk is really the killer.

The script is weak. The actors, I trust, did their best with the poor direction of this sorry script. The one bright spot was Curtis Jackson who does a good job as drug dealer, pimp, and night club owner.

Overall: This film will die on a vine and should have never been planted.