Mr. Bean's Holiday

First Hit: I liked the film; it was trite, simple and funny and kept the audience laughing.

There is something about this character that says very few intelligible words and yet communicates so much. Yes, his facial expressions are all over the map, but it is more than just expressions.

His naïve goofiness with a twist of schemer and bull doggedness creates a character that surprises and defies our own views of what we would do and how we would react in any situation.

The film moves along briskly enough and doesn’t stay with one bit too long. Even the longer bits are funny because they give you different looks at each turn. The busking for money and the trying to keep awake while driving scenes are two such scenes.

I was in a full theater with parents and kids and all were laughing, although, on occasion, at different times. Although Mr. Bean does some semi rude/mean things (think raw oysters and where they end up residing) it is done with a, “je ne sais pas” certain Mr. Bean flair so he gets away with it.

Overall: Enjoyable and is just the ticket if you want to see a film, that won’t make you think, but will let you enjoy.