Harry Brown

First Hit: This is a strong gritty film and Caine is superb.

This film is rough and dark showing a gritty side of England. The Estate is a housing project that is now home for the very poor, drug dealers and thugs.

Harry Brown (played by Michael Caine) has been living there for many years and he’s seen The Estate change. His daughter died early in his life and his wife is near death in the hospital. His close and maybe only friend is Leonard Attwell (played by David Bradley). They drink a little at the pub and play chess.

Harry's wife dies and Leonard has been threatened by the bullies living in The Estate. Leonard has finally had it and decides he wants retaliate. He asks Harry for assistance but Harry resists.

One night, Leonard is smoked out of his house and he decides to go after the culprits with a bayonet. He, being very old, loses the battle and is stabbed with his own weapon. Harry learns of Leonard's death when Detective Inspector Alice Frampton (played by Emily Mortimer) comes over to his house and tells him.

Harry has nothing left to live for and decides to take matters into his own hands and starts by buying a gun from Stretch (played by Sean Harris). Harry becomes a vigilante killer of the men who are making The Estate a haven for the abusing young people.

Caine is tremendous as Harry Brown. He shows strength, vulnerability and a depth of character that drips from the screen. Attwell is very good as a frightened old man who has had enough of the harassment but has no skills in backing up his intent to hurt the people who are ruining his life. Mortimer is good as the Inspector who understands what is going on but is held back by her superior. Harris is absolutely amazing as a drug addled dealer who lives only for the next hit; a truly incredible performance. Daniel Barber shot this film with the right color and mood.

Overall: This is a strong film and well worth the price of admission.