Run Fatboy Run

First Hit: This is a very lighthearted romp with little substance and not much of a story to tell.

Simon Pegg plays Dennis a somewhat hapless security guard for a upscale clothing store.

The film begins as he bolts from his wedding to Libby (played by Thandie Newton) who is very pregnant with their child.

The remainder of the film takes place 5 years later when he realizes he made a mistake by running out on Libby. However, Libby is dating a wealthy super jock who intends to marry her, take care of Dennis’ and Libby’s boy, and run a marathon.

Dennis who has run away from most of his responsibilities and has rarely finished anything in his life but decides that if he can run the marathon, Libby might take him back because he will have proven he’s changed and is committed to making things work.

David Schwimmer directs this film as a lackluster comedy with a very middle of the road evenhandedness. There isn’t much to spark any real seriousness nor is it truly funny. There are some funny and sweet bits including scenes with his landlord, best friend, and his son yet they are few and far between. There isn’t anything to sink your teeth into so, in the end, the film passes by and is basically forgotten within a few days of its viewing.

Overall: This is a mediocre film although there are some entertaining scenes during the actual running of the marathon.