You Don't Mess With the Zohan

First Hit: Occasionally and sophomorically funny with attempts to make points about the absurdity of race and religious belief issues.

This Adam Sandler film attempts to make fighting terrorism or the reasons for terrorism to exist, funny.

The premise is Zohan (Played by Sandler), who uses hummus for everything, is the supreme Israeli fighter and anti-terrorist agent. We first see him on vacation showing off to the women doing almost inhuman things. He gets the call to cut his vacation short to capture (again) “The Phantom” (played by John Turturro).

Because Zohan wants out of the terrorist fighting business and longs to be a hairdresser in New York, he fakes his death in a fight with “The Phantom”. When he arrives in New York he finds it’s harder to get a job as a hairdresser than he thought.

He finally gets a job at a Palestinian shop run by Dalia (played by Emmanuelle Chriqui). His climb to being a great hairdresser is based on paying attention to his clients, their needs, and from “servicing” them.

During the film most races get skewered. In the end everybody sees the fruitlessness of discrimination between the Palestinians and Jews and everyone is happy.

Some of the bits are really stupid and done again and again while others are funny and on the absurd side. However, the sophomoric way in which most of the comedic intentions are expressed (the constant bumping and grinding of his “really large bush”) just become wearing, thin and with a lack of imagination.

Overall: This is a see it on video film if you are in for a couple hours of stupid sophomoric comedy with an obvious ending.