The Boss

First Hit:  Not a well thought out plot, however at times, it was laugh out loud funny.

I’m not a big Melissa McCarthy fan. I don’t always find her sense of humor to be my cup of tea. Often, her size/weight are part of the humor kit bag. Here it wasn’t which made the experience better.

As Michelle Darnell, a fabulously wealthy woman wooing crowds with her state it and take it philosophy, she is crassly focused on herself and her money. She was raised in an orphanage because she is returned to the orphanage 3 times by foster parents that find her unlikable.

During her hey-day, Claire (Kristen Bell), her assistant works hard to support her, but is mistreated and finally leaves. Michelle, at the same time, is also arrested and convicted for insider trading and spends time in jail because of her competitor, Renault (Peter Dinklage), turns her in.

Upon release from prison Michelle shows up at Claire’s door without anywhere else to go. Claire trusts here again and they go into business but Michelle double-crosses Claire again. Will Michelle learn? Watch the film to find out.

McCarthy is very funny at times. I appreciated that her weight wasn’t used as a focal point to her humor. Bell is funny, touching and is an actress that I think is underrated because she consistently delivers.  Dinklage is odd in this role and I’m not sure it was well cast. Ella Anderson, as Bell’s daughter, was really good. She carried curiosity, kindness and faith very well. Ben Falcone wrote and directed this occasionally funny film.

Overall:  It was enjoyable and at times, very funny, but plot wise it was just OK.