First Hit:  This well shot, dark, and a brooding film sheds little light on the Catholic / Protestant conflict in Belfast but shows how England didn’t know what to do at that time.

Gary Hook (Jack O’Connell) a private in the English army is sent with his unit to Belfast to quell an unrest and assist in arresting an IRA sympathizer.

When the English Army gets attacked by the locals, he and another soldier are sent to chase down a kid who took an English soldier’s gun. The crowd erupts and Hook is left behind fighting for his life. This story is about how there is compassion, hate, honor and deceit.

O’Connell is very good as the left behind soldier. Although there are other actors in this film, the focus is on Hook and the others represent ideals and beliefs and in their way they were amazing. Gregory Burke wrote a very strong screenplay. Yann Demange directed with film with wonderful vision for the feel of the time and the situation.

Overall:  I liked the film and would have loved seeing more of the roots of the conflict.