Toy Story 3: 3D

First Hit: An outstanding film. Creative and thoughtful story executed with perfection.

The animation of both the toys and humans was wonderful. The subtle distinction between human characters and toy characters was incredible.

The story line was sweet and thoughtful. It was aimed at a level which was accessible to both young and old alike. In essence, the toy’s human, Andy, is too old to play with toys and is going off to college. It's time for him to move on from playing with toys and possibly get rid of them.

He decides to take one (Andy) with him to college and put the others in the attic. However, the bag with the attic headed toys gets thrown out and ends up in a day care center. At first the toys think it’s going to be good but they soon find out it is toy hell on earth. Andy finds them and they plot a course to break out of the center.

Director Lee Unkrich did a fantastic job of putting this story together. Writers Michael Arndt and John Lasseter did a great job of creating an adult and young person accessible story.

Overall: This film could very well be nominated for a best picture Oscar.