In the Shadow of the Moon

First Hit: “Extraordinary.” This is an amazing film. It truly marks a moment in time for all mankind.

There aren’t enough words to express the amazing trip this film takes you on.

Ron Howard captures the events of the time with a wonderful mixture of authentic footage from NASA, television, and narration by the people who made it happen.

Telling the story of how these hard charging, brave, brilliant, and prideful men who were labeled as having “the right stuff”, landed on the moon and came back could have been a cold factual flag waving story.

However, what Ron presents is a beautifully open, honest, and factual story through the Astronauts eyes which reflect a human and world view. Each of them shares their own intimate experience as the images weave through the facts of this remarkable event.

What the audience receives is a beautifully human story giving us a real sense of what it was like to be part of this extraordinary event.

At the end of the film each of the interviewed Astronauts shares a few words about how this event changed their lives spiritually. Each of them had an epiphany, an “ah ha”, or an insight about themselves and the human race. And although each of them experienced it differently, there is no doubt in my mind they each have seen things as they truly are and this does change one’s life forever.

Overall: It is a must see because these are the only human beings to ever see the whole earth at one time. They saw a brilliantly beautiful blue ball suspended in the black emptiness of space. And as one of the men commented, if I held my thumb out I could cover the entire view of the earth.