Snow White and the Huntsman

First Hit:  Mostly slow and uninteresting with a few moments of brightness.

Why this film took so long from beginning to end is because the scriptwriter and director thought they had a great story to tell.

Reality is that yes this is a great story, just not the way they told it. Although Kristen Stewart is a much better actress than her partner in the Twilight film series, here she doesn’t get to do a whole lot.

The age old story where the evil queen Ravenna (played by Charlize Theron) has banned the beautiful Snow White (played by Stewart) from living free. She has her locked up in the north tower of the castle. But Snow White escapes and with the help of the Huntsman (played by Chris Hemsworth), the dwarfs, and her cousin William (played by Sam Claflin) she’s able to mount a challenge to Ravenna’s hold on the kingdom.

The highlights of the film are most all the scenes with Ravenna as Theron keeps her part of the film alive, with intensity. Also the scenes when Snow White are with the fairies and the leader of the fairy kingdom.

The rest of it was slow, boring and without the level of energy required to keep a 2 hour and 7 minute interesting.

Stewart is OK at times and looked great in her Joan de arc metal outfit. She does show some abilities to be believable in strong female physical role, which is good. Theron is the very best thing about this film. I loved the shot of her in the white (milk) liquid bath and thought that this was an amazing shot. Claflin was soft in his role and almost unnecessary. Hemsworth gave it his all in a familiar role as a fighting hero. Evan Daugherty and John Lee Hancock wrote a mediocre and long screenplay from an age old tale. Rupert Sanders directed this too long unfocused film.

Overall:  Not worthy of a paid seat but one can while away the time having it on in the background at home someday.