First Hit: Amusing at times, some good acting and a telegraphed ending.

Starting off, the film pays homage to some of Disney’s past animation history with a too long and weak animated setup.

What would have made this better would have been homage to the Disney animation with a strong animation sequence.

The current witch queen doesn’t want her nephew to marry because it means the end of her reign as queen, so the witch throws the princess into "the well". Falling through the well the princess ends up in New York. This turn as a major point of the film here is weak and it shows.

Amy Adams is the main character when the film changes from animation to “real life”. Amy did a very credible job of holding true to the animation (soon to be princess) mind set while she slowly discovers, understands, and interacts with the world as we know it. She meets up with a divorced father of a young girl played by Patrick Dempsey who tries to help her.

His daughter "gets" that this woman is different. Patrick, in his misunderstanding way, attempts to help her back to her animated simple life from where she came.

To add some complication, Patrick’s fiancée finds out about the princess staying with him and gets into a huff.

The animated prince, in his heroic way, dives into “the well” (as do other characters) which brings him here to our reality to find his princess. There are a couple of forced funny turns build around his confusion and blessed ignorance in being in our reality.

At the Enchanted Ball, they, the prince, the princess, the witch (Susan Sarandon), Patrick, and his fiancée all sort out who loves who with the witch making powerful display at thwarting a marriage.

The set-up is obvious and with the telegraphed knowing looks we all know where this story is headed and how it will end.

Overall: It is a pleasant “cute” film with some strong (and weak) acting and a telegraphed story. Younger girls will love it.