Lambert & Stamp

First Hit:  A wonderful film providing a thoughtful history of the people behind the rock band "The Who "and how they grew to be famous.

The film was focused on Kit Lambert and Christopher (Chris) Stamp a pair of two unlikely collaborators that decided to help make a rock band famous so that they could film them and become filmmakers. Kit grew up in a stately environment with his father being an orchestra conductor and Chris was strictly from working class beginnings.

They both had dreams of making films. Although Kit was a gay man in England where being gay was illegal, he found friends and solace with Chris and The Who. This is the band Kit and Chris identified as the band they wanted to work with. They liked the crazy approach "The High Numbers" (as they were originally called) used to create their music.

The stage antics helped as well which included destroying their equipment on stage. The film uses lots of footage they shot back then and because Kit died some years ago, he is only seen and heard through this footage.

Most of the film is narrated by Chris, his brother and actor Terrence, Roger Daltrey lead singer of The Who, Pete Townshend lead guitarist and songwriter for The Who, Heather Daltrey wife of Roger, and a number of other friends. Because Keith Moon (drummer) and John Entwistle (bass player) had already passed we only see them in film.

The story unfolds around The Who’s career, how they changed over time and how these six worked together, fought together, and, in the end, pulled together to become a well-known famous rock and roll band. The ups and downs between the members were discussed openly and honestly. In the end the audience is treated to a wonderful view of young vigor moving to older wisdom and peace.

James Cooper directed and cut the interviews and archival footage in an amazing way.

Overall: this was a heartfelt amazing film highlighting one of my favorite rock bands ever.