Storm Surfers (3D)

First Hit:  Somewhat disappointed at the limited scope, and impressed at their ability to continue to push their bodies on those big waves.

For some reason, I thought the film would cover storm surfing around the world and not just around Australia.

For this reason I was disappointed because I think there are storm waves in different parts of the world that would have made the film more interesting (think Cortes Bank, Mavericks, and Ghost Tree).

This isn’t to take away from the storm waves Tom Carroll and Ross Clark-Jones surfed around their home continent. Tom and Ross have an interesting relationship.

They fight and respect each other in deep loving ways. They push each other to surf the big waves (via tow-in) at their ages of 45 and 49. Some of the waves they ride, or attempt to ride, are amazing and powerful.

Justin McMillan and Christopher Nelius directed the sequence and shots in spectacular ways.

Overall:  If you like surfing, you’ll like watching and listening to both Tom and Ross.