Chasing Ice

First Hit:  Amazing filmography of the proof that our planet is changing through global warming.

James Balog is a naturalist and photographer who makes a decision to record how global warming is affecting the planet.

The camera crew follows him as he places ~24 cameras near glaciers in Iceland, Greenland, Alaska and Montana. Doing so we see just how difficult it is to make equipment that will work in hurricane force winds, extreme cold (-50 degrees), and unimaginable physical placements.

The first attempt is a failure and we see Balog as heartbroken from all the work he's put in. His knees are falling apart from all the rock hiking, but he perseveres with his team and with new equipment they are able to record amazing photos of how our planet is warming up and how our sea level will rise – no doubt about it.

Many of the still shots in this film are beyond compare and easily compete with filming. However the two events of major calving are sublime and never before seen. I will never forget the second calving where a section of ice, 2/3rds the size of Manhattan Island, breaks off an ice shelf and flips over. The visuals in this film far outweigh any ego Balog shows.

Mark Monroe wrote this film and the excellent direction of Jeff Orlowski made this a must see.

Overall:  The extraordinary beauty of the ice and how nature works is delivered in this film.