Ballet 422

First Hit:  Outstanding and revealing film of how a young man and corps dancer, choreographs a new ballet (the 422nd) premiered by the New York City Ballet.

The opening sequence is a Jerome Robbins ballet which sets the film's tone because he is an amazing choreographer. Then we see Justin Peck a corps dancer since 2007 practicing.

The voice over announces that his wish to become a choreographer is coming to fruition again. He's getting the opportunity to choreograph his third ballet for his employer:  Number 422 to be premiered by the NYCB. We watch him in a practice room creating alone. Then we see him work with a couple of principle dancers and an assistant.

We watch him work with the lighting director and the music conductor. We see the development of costumes and the makeup. All of the work he does appears to be collaborative – but his voice is strong and continues to shine through.

While watching this film, it becomes almost oddly haunting that this is the only thing in his life. Each night he takes the train home - alone. The scenes in is apartment are of him only working. We never get to see the whole ballet as a single dance. What we see are parts; some on stage, some in the rehearsal room, some with costumes and some without lighting. However, one gets the power of his creation as we watch it develop.

The part I loved most was him on stage taking a bow, leaving the stage, changing into costume and getting ready to be a corps dancer again in the 3rd ballet of the evening.

Jody Lee Lipes directed this film with amazing deftness.

Overall:  If you like dance and especially if you wonder how a performance becomes a reality – watch this film.